Wednesday Work Attire: Splure or Save Shoes

Hi there!  So clearly it isn’t Wednesday (at least not on the East Coast) and I really meant to post this yesterday but my day at work was just way too busy!

So that being said, I pulled together three examples of shoes that I’ve been seeing more and more of in the office; nude heels (they’ve been around for a while), smoking flats, and penny loafers.

Shoes for Less

What’s amazing is that you can get all three pairs on the right for the price of the first pair of shoes.  As someone who is on a tight budget, I would much rather spend $159 on three pairs of shoes than spend $298 on one — although I hear the Nike Air technology is superb🙂
What are your thoughts?  One pair of shoe that’s great quality, or three pairs of shoes for the same price?

Social Media: Fired over Facebook?

Do you ever us social media channels at work?  In 2013, I’m sure most employees would answer “yes” to that question.

Furthermore, do you use social media channels to vent about work?  Would you feel comfortable venting about grievances you have with your company on a social media page attached to your name?

Personally, I would never dare speak ill of the company I work for, or the people I work with (if for no other reason than I am friends with a number of my co-workers on Facebook).

However, I see an increasing number of people on Facebook, Twitter, etc. venting about their job, co-workers, company, etc. for their Facebook friends, and depending on their privacy settings, the world to see.

Recently, I stumbled across this article on The New York Times online which affirmed my suspicions that an increasing number of people are using social media to express their unhappiness at the office.  As this becomes a growing trend, the question has become, are employees using social media platforms to voice their discontent protected from termination by said companies?

It’s definitely an interesting topic, and the article is worth reading for sure.  My personal opinion?  To quote my father, “never gossip at work, people won’t trust you if you do.”  Even if your Facebook posts are legally protected, negatively talking about your employer seems like a career limiting move to me.

Here’s some other stories about the topic I thought might be interesting:

Can Facebook Get You Fired?  Complaining About Work on Social Media is Protected Speech

Social Media: Workplace Cool or Ultimate Firing Tool?

Let me know what you think!  Do you agree, disagree?  Where do you think the lines should be drawn?



Fitness Friday: Working Out At Work

Hello, and happy Friday!  This morning I worked out with a trainer at our company gym.  My company offers personal training sessions (for a steal) so I’ve been taking advantage of them before Brian and I’s December cruise.  My co-worker Terry and I have been doing them together which has been a lot of fun.

Today our workout consisted of doing 15 squats and 10 push-ups every minute for ten minutes.  Then intervals on the bike, followed by 15 sumo squats and 10 tricep push-ups every minute for ten minutes.  This totally kicked my butt.

I do have to watch my heart-rate during workouts because it does tend to get a little bit too fast so the trainer here recommended I purchase a heart rate monitor, specifically one by Polar, as they sync directly with the machines they have here.

I settled on the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor:

By the end of the workout it told me I had burned 580 calories which was a great way to start out the weekend.

I love how convenient it is for me to workout at my job.  Does your company encourage your fitness goals?

Weekend Recap: Fall Fun

This weekend Brian and I carved our first pumpkin together.  I can’t even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin.  Probably not since elementary school.  I went to pick up the pumpkin myself on Saturday when Brian was golfing.  I think I picked the most beautiful pumpkin at the pumpkin patch:


Then I brought it back to Brian’s house to carve it, and named him Peter.  We cut it open from the top, and I helped get the pumpkin guts out.  I was pretty useless from here.  We picked out a design that we liked online and Brian started drawing it.  Then he carved the design out of the pumpkin.

Here is artist with his mater piece


…and here is the final product in the dark, very spooky!


We had a lot of fun carving Peter, so much so that we may be doing another one next weekend!

This week I have a busy schedule catching up with some friends after work, and trying to get as much working out in as possible.  I’ve also started working with a personal trainer at my company (they offer discounted personal training seessions).  I’m doing it with another co-worker so we split the cost of the training.  Last week was my first time and I was sore the entire week.  I’m going to make sure I stretch thoroughly after the session tomorrow, because I’ll be working out with him again Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Work Attire: Fall Handbags

I have been loving the new handbags out this season.  For work, I prefer handbags with a little more structure as opposed to loose tote bags just because I like to make sure any files I may carry around are kept intact.

I tend to buy handbags that are a bit on the pricier side.  However, I found some really cute ones that are totally affordable and look very similar to their costly counterparts.

Fall Handbags

Tory Burch tote bag / Banana Republic color block tote / Kate Spade /
Tote handbag /Clare Vivier tote handbag /
I absolutely love the Big Buddha satchel.  I may have to purchase that
with a Macy’s coupon soon.
What do you carry to work?

Catch-up: Weekly Recap

Hi there!  So I’ve been MIA for the past week due to an extremely busy schedule at work.

Last week I had to travel to Brooklyn for a work event.  Tuesday they put me up in the NU Hotel.

It was very nice, definitely geared more toward the trendier crowd.  Here is a picture from my room.

…and here is a picture of my co-workers room.  Not only did it have a super cool bed, but it had a hammock as well:

Wednesday was the actual event.  Everything went extremely well.  I made sure to wear my Tory Burch flats because I was on my feet all day.  All of the food was miniature, and they had a drink called an Apple Pie Martini which I only tasted but it was amazing.


My weekend was pretty uneventful because after such a busy schedule all week, I woke up Friday morning and was not feeling well at all.  Therefore most of my weekend was spent laying low, and just running errands here and there.

I did manage to pick up a few new items this week including this beauty which I picked up at a local J.Crew store (it’s cheaper in stores than it currently is online) for $50.


Anyway, how was your week?

October Goals

As I mentioned yesterday, I saw this post on Pinterest a couple weeks ago which inspired me to create one of my own.  I’m definitely a visual person, and I love the idea of breaking down goals into manageable increments.  

I tweaked the idea so that my goal pyramid isn’t really a pyramid at all, and it isn’t completely fitness focused.  I think going forward, I’ll create a new one at the beginning of every month.

Here’s how mine came out:

How do you manage your goals?